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May 5, 2015
by lnward

2014-2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners Announced!

The votes are in and the winners of the 2014-2015 Study Abroad Photo Contest are…

Photo #29

Sarah Schurtz ’16

Photo #49

Zhujun Ding ’16

Growth and Structure of Cities major Sarah Schurtz ’16 studied abroad in the fall 2014 semester in Copenhagen, Denmark with DIS Copenhagen.

History of Art major Zhujun Ding ’16 studied abroad in the fall 2014 semester in Rome, Italy with Temple Rome.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated and voted!!

March 3, 2015
by lnward

A Postcard from: Devaki Dravid ’16

Major: Psychology
Program: DIS (Cross Cultural Psychology)
Semester: Spring 2015
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

“I arrived in Denmark on January 16th, and I can’t believe it’s already March! Time is going by so fast! I am taking 5 courses here – the Psychology of Endings, Cross Cultural Psychology, Neuroscience of Cognition, Medical Ethics, and Danish Language and Culture. I live in a homestay north of Copenhagen in a town called Helsingor, which is also where Kronborg Castle (!!!!!) is located. I’ve made a lot of new friends while I’ve been here – both among the American students in the program and Danes that I’ve met through my host family. To be honest, there isn’t that much interaction between Danish and American students since DIS is an institution for students studying at American universities, but maybe there are events that I don’t know about. Anyways, life here in Denmark is so different from life in the US but I picked up on a lot of the cultural differences right away – like not making small talk on buses and trains. The classes here are a lot less stressful than the classes at Bryn Mawr and the professors are a lot more relaxed (has a lot to do with the culture of Denmark). I’ve found time to be a tourist (visiting Kronborg and the Museum of Copenhagen and the Little Mermaid Statue), time to do work, time to hang out with my host family, and time to miss my home. I honestly LOVE Denmark and the experience I’ve had so far. I can’t wait to tell you more!”

January 28, 2015
by lnward

A Postcard From: Kayla Schneider-Smith ’16

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMajor: Psychology, English minor
Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)
Semester: Fall 2014
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

“Studying abroad in Copenhagen was truly a transformative experience. My most cherished memory is living in the middle of the city in a creative writing-themed dorm with 13 other students from the US. This was my family during my time abroad, and each individual taught me so much about writing, about people, about the reality of happiness, well-being and community. Although I learned to explore Denmark and Europe on my own and thrived in my new found independence, I always had my creative writing community waiting to greet me back in Copenhagen. Studying abroad was some of the most magical four months of my life and I thank the universe every day for having had the opportunity to do so.”